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Medical devices bring hope to traditional laser pointer manufacturers
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With the traditional shrinking mining and automotive markets, Australian laser pointer manufacturers are finding advantages in the field of medical technology. Torrance Building, South Australia – Australian manufacturers are finding benefits in medical technology as the traditional mining and automotive markets shrink. Reducing production costs and increasing offshore mass production capacity have played a key role in the withdrawal of Australian mining and auto parts manufacturers. However, with industry and government support, some companies have been able to develop advanced green laser pointer manufacturing skills and enter the medical device market.
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Australia's medical device production has increased by 1.3% annually since 2012, with an annual value of A $ 3 billion, according to IBISWorld data. South Australia is becoming a hub for the medical device industry, with the Tonsley Innovation Hub and the Adelaide Biomedical City Area. This is an A $ 3 billion tripartite medical hub consisting of major hospitals, research centers and educational institutions. The Tonsley Hub is located on the premises of the former Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing Plant, and its main tenants include medical device manufacturers Micro-X, Siemens and ZEN Energy. Zeiss, an international optics and optoelectronics company, is also moving to a new building in the center at a cost of $ 6 million. Falling global commodity prices have forced South Australian companies Plastico & Hackett Engineering to shift their focus from developing mineral laser analyzers to orthopedic implant components. The company provided a home laser engraving machine laser engraving service and received a $ 47,500 grant from the South Australian State Government last month to assist in the transition.
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We first entered the medical device in 2014, but after working with Austofix (also in Adelaide), we now decide to focus on it. Laser companies have been developing innovative orthopedic trauma equipment for over 25 years. A device that allows a surgeon to perform laser surgery. Implants can be accurately inserted into bone without the use of x-rays. The nails associated with their Ezy-Aim electronic digital aiming system are used to repair fractures of the femur, tibia and humerus. David Schiller, Managing Director of Plastico & Hackett, said his 20 years of experience in manufacturing mining parts has been successful in the medical field. "The decline of Australia's mining industry has forced us to think about other things." "China seems to have a large share of mining parts manufacturing, and it is difficult for the red laser pointer business to move there recently.
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South Africa Australia is actively driving the transformation into a medical device center and has the opportunity to succeed here. Due to the small size of the Australian market and high manufacturing costs, we are relocating the assembly lines of major Australian automotive laser pointer manufacturers (including Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford) overseas. Headquartered in South Australia (in Lonsdale, South Australia), SMR Technologies is an independent division of SMR Automotive Australia, specializing in the strongest design, manufacturing and distribution of high quality laser pointers for a variety of industries.
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The automotive sensor manufacturer has developed the world's first plastic automotive rear-view mirror and has exported over $ 160 million. But after the auto industry withdrew from Australia, it also turned its attention to medical devices. The company is investigating a variety of non-invasive devices, including home tests for bladder cancer patients who use biosensors to test their urine. The goal is to allow people to insert a catheter into the urethra to avoid discomfort entering the bladder. Many people use laser pointers to repel pests and birds, especially crows.
Crow repulsion:
This method is very environmentally friendly. In collaboration with the Institute of Technology in Adelaide, researchers at the University of South Australia and Flinders Medical Center are preparing the device for hospital trials of 1,000 patients. A spokesperson for SMR Technologies said laser pointer companies are very interested in exploring more opportunities for cancer research. "Cancer is a global problem and we hope these laser pointer sensors play an important role in the fight against deadly illnesses." Cancer detection method (cytodiagnosis and endoscopy) method.
Metal and plastic blue laser pointer laser marking
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The MOPA Fiber Laser Pointer Laser Light Source is an option on the SpeedMarker Galvanometer Laser Marking System. Trotec (Plymouth, Michigan) MOPA fiber laser light sources are available as an option for the company's SpeedMarker Galvo laser marking system. Its Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) technology allows pulse durations from 4 to 200ns, offers a wide range of purple laser pointer laser parameters, and offers more options for creating high contrast and uniform marks. , Can be used with certain metals, mark the color on it.
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